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Section 1 Agent Consent Part

This part of the form, Student Application Consent Form  is for your instructing UKOAS™ admission division of United Education to act on your behalf with admission.
Thank you for instructing the firm to act on your behalf with admission. United Education Admission Division will do our best to see that everything proceeds as smoothly as possible.

I entrust UKOAS™ the admission division of United Education as my representative to process my English course application. The required documents submitted by the United Education Development are only used for admission purpose.
Section 2 Emergency Contact Information
Section 3 Your English Level
Section 4 Your English Course
Section 5 Other Information
Agent Referral and Nominated Access
To be completed if applying with the assistance of a recruitment agent or if you are likely to be away at any time and wish to nominate someone who can make decision on your behalf and discuss your studies with us. Please enter the full name(s) of your nominee and their relationship to you.
Section 6 Your Documents
You can upload your document here, it will help us to process your application fast, if you are not upload the documents here our admission team will contact you for request documents.
I can confirm that all the documents I submitted to United Education are genuine, and I will take full responsibility for that. and also I have read and understood the terms and conditions.